Dowsed in Skunk Juice

So, I’ve finally taken a flying leap into the cold, soiled swimming-pool that is Turgidovsky’s new book. Before letting you in on the contents, however, I have a few more details to fling in your direction.

Detail no. 1. Contrary to yesterday’s post, the book is called Delicious Air of Life (or the Ugly God-damned Wife)  –  and not The Delicious Air of Life (or the Ugly God-damned Wife). Is that important? Who can say…

Detail no.2. The book has six hundred and fourteen pages. This makes it longer than The Lunatic. Much longer.

Detail no.3. Turgidovsky has broken his usual silence by speaking to a Russian newspaper. The interview (published yesterday) was, admittedly, a short one and revealed very little of interest, excepting the fact that the author had originally proposed to ‘dowse every book in skunk juice before selling them’. His intentions? Apparently he wanted readers to ‘recoil from the book: to create something so horrible that people would retch at the very sight of it’. Charming. So what put him off the idea? ‘It represents a serious lack of confidence on my part,’ he admitted, ‘to think that I needed skunk juice to make my book abhorrent. No. All I needed was words. If you can’t do it with words alone, why write at all?’

A dig at Oa Aayorta? I think so.


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