Fascinating Endurance

‘Georgy’s is a fascinating site’, writes the ever-generous Frank Wilson over at Books Inq. As it turns out, this is not the first time that that particular word (‘fascinating’, not ‘site’) has been used to describe my web activities. Only last week I received a letter from an old university friend, who made the following observation: ‘fascinating to see you still on-line’, a comment which contains, I sense with regret, more than an echo of the insult served up a couple of years ago by my old adversary Aldous Egg. ‘The most fascinating thing about Georgy Riecke,’ wrote Egg, ‘is the fact that he keeps going, regardless of a lack of talent, subject matter and, most obviously, public interest’.

Ignoring the rest, I am at least happy to accept endurance as one of my main critical qualities, which is more than you can say for Mr. Egg, whose current web presence continues to consist of no more than this empty blog. ‘It is better to say nothing than to vomit nonsensical tripe’ might be the man’s reply, to which I retort that ‘it is better to try and write interesting things than to sit around the house all day drinking cheap rum and re-cataloguing one’s glaringly incomplete collection of Italian pornography’.

More on that villain here, here  and, quite possibly, here.


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