Andorran Twitterings

Continuing the theme of yesterday’s post, I wonder: will 2009 bring another new work by Oa Aayorta? According to Franz Ludo (in an article from a magazine that will remain nameless) the elderly Andorran author is thinking of publishing his next novel (working title: A Rather Lengthy Afternoon) line by line in ‘twitter’ form. Well, well. Though one is often pleased to see old literary fellows flinging off the bathrobes of cynicism and waving their modern credentials in the face of a bewildered public, I do not feel inclined to lend my support to this particular project. Of course, if someone could persuade Aayorta to ‘witter’ instead, well, that would be a different story… (which is to say it would be the same story, albeit released in a very different form).