Fresh Coal

The most eager of my readers will have already noticed that a good many of the novelists who featured on my Greatest European Novels List are feeding this year’s steam train of new literature with the fresh coal of their particular talents. 

First up is the long-awaited Turgidovsky novel, Delicious Air of Life (subtitled The Ugly God-Damned Wife), due in a couple of weeks. This will be followed by Hamish Wishart’s ‘highly witty’ Sore Chasm (comment courtesy of the press release) – a collection of short stories, none of which will feature his most famous character Gavin McCloud (or Dunce, as he is better known) and will, thus, attract much less attention than they probably deserve. 

In May, then, we are promised Dinos Tierotis’s The Golden Bomber Jacket, a prospect that pales in the face of the possibility that Jaymer Veers’s Poppies: Book Two could be hitting selected bookstores sometime in the summer. Could it be true? Let us hold hands, murmur a pointless prayer, quaff a jorum of some warming spirit and hope for the best.

You can read reviews of earlier works by these authors here (as you should know by now).