Drop the Accent

Sources close to Luis Funnel have sent word regarding last week’s tilde-accent controversy, confirming that there is – and has never been – neither a tilde nor an accent on either of the two ‘n’s in his name. There used to be an acute accent on the ‘e’, though it has long been a matter of family debate over whether it should have ever been there. Some say that his grandfather José added in in 1927 in a misguided bid for respectability; others believe it dates from the sixteenth century. The sources sum it up thus: ‘Considering the eternal inability of so many critics to deal with such details, Luis Funnel decided to officially drop all accents in 2004’. I’d like to say that I will be taking immediate care to correct all previous misspellings of his name, but under the circumstances this seems unlikely.

As for my other query (what was Funnel’s reaction to appearing on my list of Greatest European Novels?) the sources put forth the following ambiguous answer: ‘Luis Funnel is a translator, not a novelist. He is, however, happy to recieve any sort of publicity, even the sort that reaches as small an audience as yours’.

Stupid sources.