Answering my Questions

Some days ago I threw in your little faces a handful of Luis Funñel-related questions, all of which I hoped to be able to answer within the week. I’m not sure I will manage this, but here are the results thus far:

1. What were the implications of Malcolm Harding’s discoveries? Well, one implication was that we ought to take even more care with translators and translations than we usually do. Who knows what they could have hidden within texts that never, in essence, belonged to them in the first place? Many translators complain that they don’t get enough attention – and yet the very point of a translator is, in many ways, to fade into the background. The problem with the Funñel/Merentés case, however, is that Merentés is the type of author no one will ever want in the foreground, if on any ground at all – all of which makes Funñel’s ascendancy over him a comparative delight.

2. Is Funñel still translating? I can’t be sure of this one, but it appears that the answer hovers in the arena of the positive (which is to say ‘yes’). According to one source, Funñel has spent the last four years working on a translation of another one of Merentés’ mediocre melodramas – namely Maria in the Sea with Me (though another, inferior, source suggests that the work in question is Autumn Lovers Fall). Will he be hiding another secret message in the book? I can’t see why not.

3. Does Funñel really support Felipe Elverde? A difficult question. Moeping, of course, thought that Funñel’s ‘gesture of support’ was always ironic – but I’ve never been sure.  All of this provides an interesting link nonetheless to my recent discussions of the hidden codes within Maurice Orbez’s Wall-Scrawlings, which Dr. Mark Phliger thinks to be similarly ironic. In fact, now I consider it it, I seem to remember D H Laven claiming that irony also had a major part to play in the mysterious codes of Khum Tash (correct me if I’d wrong). All this irony hidden deep below the surface – does it, I wonder, tell us more about conspiracies or contemporary reactions to conspiracies?

4. How did Funnel react to finding himself on my list of Greatest European Novels? This question still requires an answer. Are you out there Luis?

5. Where do the accents lie? Again, I await confirmation – despite going ahead with my own theories in this very post. Another one for Luis, I fancy.


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