Where’s the Accent?

It has been brought to my attention, with some spirit, that this blog and its associated website have, at moments, treated accents with what amounts to a ‘cavalier attitude’.

I’m not sure this is an entirely fair complaint. Every effort is made to check through details and, though I am aware that small errors are sadly commonplace, it is not for want of trying, especially when accents are concerned.

I will confess, however, that a clutch of conspicuous mistakes have been made in the case of my subject-in-hand, Mr Luis Funnel.

There: I’ve done it again. Truth be told, I’m not altogether sure where I stand on this one. Is it Funńel, Fuńnel, Funňel, Funñel or just plain Funnel? And as for his friend, is it Merentés, Mérentes or simply Merentes?

I stand in a pool of uncertainly, in poorly insulated footwear. If anyone should be interested in passing me a fresh pair of socks, I would be much obliged.


2 thoughts on “Where’s the Accent?

  1. The wiggle on the ‘n’ in Funñel is a ’tilde’ not an ‘accent’ – but seeing as it emerged as the shorthand for a double ‘n’, having a tilde on a second ‘n’ seems unlikely (though it is, unlike the accented ‘n’, a very Spanish affair).
    Of course, you ought to know all this, Georgy.. expert on European literature that you (supposedly) are…

  2. I’m beginning to lean towards plain old accent and tilde-less ‘Funnel’, if only because it saves a lot of typing time.
    Incidentally, further investigation on your precious tilde reveals that some young Spanish people are so proud of it as to refer to themselves as ‘Generation ñ’

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