Cold Meats and Raunchy Ballads

A little more from Carl Stensson’s ‘obituary’ of infamous death-faker Lucas de Boer (find the full article here):

‘I’ve seen the body, comforted the mourning women (well, someone’s got to do it), taken home the funeral cold meats for my daughter’s birthday party, received my share from the will (his Maurice Orbęz first editions, if you must know) and placed a bouquet of half-price lilies beside the gravestone…’

The first question nestling on all reader’s lips after reading this sentence is, of course, who the heck is Maurice Orbęz? Forgive my ignorance (please do) but I am personally unaware of any writer going by that name; that is unless Stensson is really referring to Maurice d’Orbey, an eighteenth century French writer, who co-wrote a series of raunchy ballads with his father, Eduoard d’Orbey (a retired politician). If so, he is most fortunate to be in possession of his first editions: worth a penny or two, I’m sure.

Indeed, if Stensson should be reading this very post – what are the chances of my borrowing a copy?


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