No Originality Required

 The idea was simple: to slowly squeeze all that may be deemed useful across a great range of books into an exceptionally valuable, but much smaller, stock. To break literature down into a friendlier size. To separate the wheat from the chaff: once and for all. It must be done. Everything must be Breadyised!

I expected to receive and publish this article a while back, but  – perhaps understandably for a piece about the needless accumulation of words – the author of it has put his or herself through the wrangler; writing, re-writing, editing, re-editing and, finally, putting forward something with which they were (in their own dear words) ‘only moderately satisfied’.

I will, for now, stand back from making a judgment of my own – allowing my thoughts to rest instead on the pleasure it gives me to present yet another article from a journal that a few people have, quite unfairly, proclaimed ‘defunct’. Fools. Not only are we publishing this – but we have on the way, I promise you, still further writings, each more tasty than the last. So, in the words of a loquacious vulture: ‘now shalt the feasting commence’!

Making Old Books New with Donald Bready

[Incidentally, the author of this article has chosen to remain anonymous]


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