Delicious Air

Outside sources claim (and if there’s one thing outside sources do well, it’s claiming) that Pyetr Turgidovsky’s new novel will be called Delicious Air of Life or The Ugly God-damned Wife. I am not yet sure whether that is the title all in one, or whether the second part is an alternative to the first, or (most likely) a sub-title. Nor I am aware whether the Russian title also rhymes (or indeed, what that is).

Nevertheless, there we have it. Think of it what you will. The title may confuse, though at least we may be pretty sure of the contents. One doesn’t like to second guess a writer, of course, but I for one would be highly surprised if Turgidovsky has decided to leave his trail of sickening (and at times amusing) gloom behind him. Expect, therefore, a large proportion of the following: unrequited love, unfulfilled talent, unbaked cakes, misunderstandings, missed opportunties, miserable outcomes, outrageous injustices, injured bystanders, absymal abberations and people who sing badly but don’t realise it.

More on this later.


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