Fight! Fight! Fight!

Or not, as the case may be… In any case, here’s something of interest from the excellent Books Inq

Gone are the days when I used to find myself in this sort of argument every two days or so. Though it’s much easier to keep these things going when you don’t have to cough up a stamp every time, I have of late neglected my duties in this region. This may be because, as much mild fun as they produce, the fires of such fights are usually stoked by the foul airs of misunderstanding (as opposed to the pure oxygen of good, clean thought). I am disinclined to say anything more on this particular case, save that I believe that there are rights and wrongs on both sides. In this I include my failure to add the letter ‘n’ to the line ‘a exceedingly good one’. Oh the crimes I have committed!


11 thoughts on “Fight! Fight! Fight!

  1. I think this is a very nice way of dealing with this. I have no intention of getting involved. But I hope everyone will remain friends, if only so that they can quarrel vehemently another day.

  2. I wrote the post above at what I thought was the close of the argument, only for it to erupt for a second time – with, as you suggest, increasing violence on the Fitzgerald side. One is always reluctant to be seen as backing away (I have a reputation for wanton acts of cowardice) though when chainsaws are being brought into the equation, I feel it is usually time to head for the exit.

  3. She’ll have your IP address and will figure out where you live and work. Her entries remind me of the emails i used to get from a manic-depressive when he was in his Jesus mode, except hers are, if anything, even more alarming. i bet she’s a genuine psycho in real life. Try and find out if she used to kill or torture animals when she was young, a lot of serial killers start that way.

  4. Also, if she uses words like ‘brutality’, ‘anarchy’, ‘damage’, ‘gangrene’, ‘rage’, that’s not a good sign. You should apologise and hope she only maims you.

  5. I am vastly more disturbed by her use of capitals and those mysterious initialisms ‘ITSM’, ‘IOW’, ‘BTW’, ‘TNT’, ‘IMO’ (so on and so forth)

  6. A sure sign of insanity and latent necrophiliac tendencies. Your corpse will be defiled: then she will write a romantic poem about it.

  7. If I could be assured that said poem would be a masterpiece, perhaps I would willingly sacrifice myself. Instead, I will probably hide under the bed for a week or so.

  8. The necrophiliac act would itself be a work of art. You should be grateful to witness her Becoming. You do not owe her fear – you owe her awe! (Manhunter quote).

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