Here follows a charmingly brief report of recent activity in the less-busy-than-it-ought-to-be intersection between the spheres of Music and Literature.

First up is this: an album, released last year in France, soon on its way to the UK. Though the general literary influences are made clear by its title (Ouliposaliva), the primary one is clearly Georges Perec’s novel La disparition (or The Void) well known for its callous eschewing of our dear friend the letter ‘e’. In this case, the musical artists in question extend the concept by dropping both the letter from their lyrics and the chord from their music (which is, apparently, ‘a tough one for alto saxophonists’).

Two: The North Perthshire Herald have published a needless but nevertheless readable follow-up on resident madman Stuart P Stewarts, the man who once claimed that Sgt Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band was based on a unpublished children’s book he wrote which had been ‘stolen’ from him in a train by a woman who ‘was on close terms with Ringo Starr’s cousin’. Forty years later and Stewart still sticks to his story, adding that ‘the vast majority’ of the later Beatles oeuvre was influenced by his, again unpublished, work. ‘I suppose you also wrote the lyrics to Lennon’s Imagine?’ asks the Herald’s correspondent, jokingly. ‘I categorically deny that,’ answers Stewart, sensibly.

Lastly, it has been hinted in various quarters that several artistés have raised the possibility of breathing musical life into the ‘songs’ that form the structure of Luca Maria-Mosa’s amiable novella, the brightest interruption. An advisable project? Not necessarily. Some, if not most, things are best left imagined.


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