Bright orange disc

As promised, I have unearthed Malcolm Harding’s translation of the first chapter of Fabio Muzakaki’s unfinished second novel The Honeycomb Chronicles. True enthusiasts, if they exist, can read it here.

On re-reading it myself, I am a little unsure as to its merits of Muzakaki’s text. At its best his dialogue is brisk, simple and witty. Beyond this, however, he falters more than a few times. Descriptive passages are unsteady, such the one in which he describes the ‘bright orange disc’ of the sun ‘almost penetrating the habitually lumiscent light of the supermarket’ or the details of the slightly awkward dream sequence that occurs further on. The plot – in this excerpt at least – hops along merrily enough, though if my memory serves me correctly, the custard thickens accordingly around Chapters Three and Four, when the protagonist meets an antique-collector at a football match and gets into a lengthy conversation of the subject of beheading.


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